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November 2014 Update

Horizon implemented its first Hospital Experiences Survey in May 2014 and it will be implemented again in November 2014. The survey is meant to capture the care experiences of our discharged medical and surgical patients 18 years of age or older who spent at least one night in a Horizon acute care facility.

The survey measures care experiences provided during a patient's hospital stay, from admission to discharge. The bilingual paper-based survey will be administered twice a year and allows us to evaluate and improve on results in between the three-year survey cycle of the New Brunswick Health Council (NBHC).

Twelve of the 13 questions in the survey were taken from NBHC's 2013 Acute Care Survey, allowing for direct comparisons between NBHC's 2013 results and Horizon's 2014 survey results.

It should be noted a different approach from the NBHC was used to distribute the survey. The NBHC mailed their survey to all eligible discharged patients and included a second mail-out as a reminder. Horizon's May survey was handed out to patients at the time of their discharge. The different approach could account for differences between Horizon and the NBHC results.

Data from the survey is used by Horizon staff to identify and implement initiatives to improve quality of care and evaluate targeted Patient and Family Centred Care initiatives. This is one of several measures to help identify trends in performance and areas for improvement. 

In May 2014, more than 2,200 surveys were given to patients at discharge. From those, 1,195 surveys were returned, representing a 54 per cent return rate. Overall, improvement was noted in 12 of the 13 areas measured in comparison to NBHC's 2013 survey results.

Horizon's acute care patients gave an overall hospital rating of 76.9 per cent on a scale of zero to 10, zero being the worst rating possible and 10 being the best. This is a slight improvement over NBHC's 2013 survey results (74.2%).   

The report further assesses several patient-care areas which are important to the quality of hospital care and influenced the patient's overall hospital rating. These areas of care include:

  • responsiveness to care:68.6% in May 2014 compared to NBHC's 56.3% in 2013

  • cleanliness: 57.2% in May 2014 vs 51.7% in NBHC's 2013

  • quality of food:26.4% in May 2014 vs 16.4% in NBHC's 2013

  • pain control:70.0% in May 2014 vs 54.2% in NBHC's 2013 

The only area of care which scored lower than NBHC's 2013 survey results was the length of time waiting for an inpatient room which was 80 per cent compared to Horizon's May 2014 results at 74.5 per cent.

In terms of equity based on preferred language of service, 93.8 per cent of patients "always" received the service they needed in the language of their choice (English or French):

  • 97.1% of patients who preferred English as their language of service "always" received their service in English.

  • 41.1% of patients who preferred French as their language of service "always" received their service in French.

Horizon appreciates the feedback provided by patients who completed the May survey, and we look forward to hearing from more patients during our November 2014 survey.

In order to better serve and understand the health-care needs of our communities, Horizon welcomes all comments from our patients, their families and visitors.

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