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What are the job prospects for radiological technologists?

Employment prospects for radiological technologists are very good. The employment rate among new graduates from the Saint John School of Radiological Technology is 100%. The majority of technologists work in the hospital setting upon graduating.

What salary can I expect as a radiological technologist?

Starting salary: $24.00/hour in New Brunswick (2014)

Potential salary: $29.96/hour in New Brunswick (2014)

What related careers are available?

Graduates may complete a specialty certificate in CT, Mammography and/or Interventional Radiology via correspondence courses designated for these modalities.

Graduates may pursue careers in Magnetic Resonance Imaging or Ultrasound by completing a post-diploma program.

What qualities should a medical radiation technologist exhibit?

Applicants should:

  • be organized
  • enjoy working with people
  • be excellent communicators
  • be a team player
  • be able to maintain a positive attitude while working under pressure
  • be able to stand on their  feet for extended periods
  • be capable of working with all types of patients, including pediatric, very ill and trauma patients.

Can a tour of a medical imaging department be arranged?

A tour of a Medical Imaging department will allow prospective students to see first-hand the role of the radiological technologist within the health care field. An arranged tour or "Job Shadow" with the Saint John Regional Hospital will allow prospective students to spend time in the department with the Clinical Instructor, radiological technologists and students who are presently in the radiography program.

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