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Health research is a core component of Horizon Health Network's mission. We facilitate and promote research opportunities throughout the region and provide services to our health-care professionals. Our mandate is to encourage new research projects, support ongoing research, develop research partnerships and foster the integration of diverse research and medical programs. From submitting study applications to sharing research results, our goal is to provide guidance and services for applied health and clinical trials research.

Horizon's Research Ethics Board was recognized by Accreditation Canada as a leader in best practices.

Services for Research Sponsors and Partners

Horizon currently has over 500 research studies underway due to our ability to offer research partners and sponsors the following:

  • a regional, institutional Research Ethics Board
  • a research infrastructure designed to support clinical trials and applied health studies
  • experience in phases II, III and IV multi-centre, international clinical trials
  • expertise in all therapeutic areas, including oncology, cardiology, internal medicine, ortho-neurosurgery, and rehabilitation

Services for Researchers

 Through our network of research offices, we:

  • support new and experienced investigators conducting research
  • develop research protocols and provide statistical analysis
  • assist with Research Ethics Board submissions
  • negotiate clinical trial and confidentiality agreements
  • support the management of research funds
  • help identify sources of research funding
  • provide customized education and training opportunities

Contact Us

For more information on research services contact us by email at or through any one of our 3 main offices:





Saint John


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