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About Us


Horizon Health Network (Horizon) is the largest regional health authority in New Brunswick and the second-largest health authority in Atlantic Canada with expertise in diverse areas of health and community services.

Focused on delivering quality and safe care to our patients, clients and their families, Horizon operates 12 hospitals and more than 100 medical facilities, clinics and offices throughout New Brunswick. Horizon provides services ranging from acute and specialized care to community-based health services. At the foundation of this health system is a robust network of community-based primary care services offered in a variety of settings in communities throughout the province. Our primary care system is comprised of a number of facilities and services, including community health centres, clinics, public health services, community hospitals, as well as addictions and mental health services.

With a collaborative, team approach to offering services in English and French, Horizon delivers sustainable, safe and quality health-care services to residents of New Brunswick, as well as northern Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. Horizon serves 11 of New Brunswick's 15 First Nations communities.

Horizon has an annual budget of approximately $1.1 billion and has more than 12,600 employees, 1,100 physicians and 4,400 volunteers, as well as 17 foundations and 18 auxiliary and alumnae organizations. Horizon welcomes 350 medical residents and 6,000 students every year. Horizon ensures representation from urban and rural areas through a 15-member Board that consists of 7 appointed and 8 elected members of the public.

Horizon provides major critical and trauma services and is responsible for unique programs such as:

Horizon's health-care providers work as a team to support the goals and successes of our patients and clients in various settings, including:

At Horizon, the following values guide how we work together and serve our patients, clients, their families, and each other:

We show empathy, compassion and respect.

We strive for excellence.

We are all leaders, yet work as a team.

We act with integrity and are accountable.

At the heart of Horizon's ongoing commitment to excellence in health-care delivery are our guiding principles of quality and safety, which are the pillars of our health system. We are also guided by the recently completed assessment of community health needs identified by our patients, clients and their families, and the communities where they live. Together with our community partners, we will continue to act to respond to these health needs. Integral to this response is our network of primary care. In order to best meet the primary care needs of our patients, we understand that we need to remain flexible to sustain, grow and adapt our facilities and services. In addition to our primary care system, we provide specialized treatment services in our regional hubs, including tertiary care and specialized community services - always striving to provide quality and safe
care in a timely manner. From primary to tertiary and specialized services, we continue to endeavour towards excellent patient, client and family-centred care outcomes, which we achieve through collaboration, integration and coordination of our health system.

As we continue to operationalize the Strategic Plan this year, we continue to be committed to our mission of Helping People Be Healthy. Good health lies at the heart of our daily quality of life. It is what all New Brunswickers want for themselves and those they love. Helping New Brunswickers be as healthy as they can be is the shared purpose that motivates all those who work at Horizon on a daily basis. We achieve best results through placing our patients and clients at the centre of our health delivery system.

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