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Patient Safety Hero Awards


The Patient Safety Hero Awards highlight members of the Horizon team who excel in their commitment to safety, their innovative approach to create change that enhances patient safety, their collaborative spirit that proves we are all leaders, yet work as a team and last, but not least, through valuing and understanding the role of safety concerns expressed by patients and their families.

2020 Recipients

There are two categories for this award, individual and team. This year, there were 4 submissions for the individual award and 5 for the team.

Individual: Rick Wallace

Rick - Patient Safety 2020 FINAL (1)

Rick is a Personal Support Worker in family medicine at Horizon's Saint John Regional Hospital. Rick is always thinking what's best for the patient, as well as the staff he works with. He works diligently to provide the type of care that you or I would like to receive while in the hospital, and fights to provide it when barriers present themselves.

Team: Dr. Angus MacDonald and registered nurse Jacquelynn Carter for their work with Simulation and Safety in the Moncton Emergency Department

Hero Award Moncton Final (2)

Throughout their nomination application, Dr. MacDonald and Jacquelynn were praised for their openness to feedback and adjusting their work to ensure it was the most patient centered tool we could put into practice, not only during COVID, but also for the future.

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