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How to Participate at Board Meetings

Where can I see upcoming agendas and previous meeting minutes?

Meeting agendas and approved public Board minutes are available to the public on Horizon's website.

Can I attend a board meeting?

Yes, Board meetings are held in public except when, as set out in the Regional Health Authorities Act, they would reveal confidential and personal information.

Can I ask a question during a board meeting?

Yes, a question period of 10 minutes is provided at the end of each public board meeting for members of the public. Each person asking a question identifies themselves and who they represent. Read more.

Can I make a presentation to the board?

Yes, scheduled presentations from members of the public can be made during a presentation period at each Board meeting. Read more.

How much notice should I give for my presentation?

Persons or groups, requesting to make a presentation, submit their request in writing at least 30 days in advance of the meeting. Read more.

How long should my presentation last?

Presenters should plan for 20 minutes, including questions, to make their presentation to the Board. Read more.

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