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Public Consultation


In compliance with the Regional Health Authorities Act, the Board strives to build and maintain strong and effective relationships with its communities through open public Board meetings on matters relating to the general governance and operations of Horizon Health Network (Horizon).

Meetings of the Board of Directors are held in public except when, as set out in the Regional Health Authorities Act (New Brunswick), they would:

  • reveal information specific to an identifiable individual;
  • reveal information relating to risk management or patient care issues;
  • prejudice security measures undertaken by the regional health authority; or
  • compromise Horizon's effectiveness in carrying out its duties and responsibilities.

Members of the media are welcome at all public meetings of the Board.


1. The Board holds meetings four times each fiscal year at a time and place to be determined by the Board.

2. Board meetings are held in communities throughout Horizon.

3. Communications advertises Board meetings at least 14 days prior to the meeting.

4. If required, in accordance with theRegional Health Authorities Act, an in-camera meeting is held prior to the public meeting. This is a meeting of Board members and invited guests of the Board chairperson only, such as the Executive Leadership Team, legal counsel, consultants, etc.

5. The Board's Executive Assistant makes the meeting agendas and approved public Board minutes available to the public through Horizon's website.

6. All persons in attendance are expected to maintain proper conduct at all times. The Board Chair may ask any member of the public to leave if proper conduct is not maintained.

7. Board meetings are conducted in English, with simultaneous translation in French available at all public meetings.


A presentation period is provided at the beginning of each meeting.

1. Persons or groups, requesting to make a presentation to the Board, submit their request in writing at least 30 days in advance of the meeting to the Executive Assistant of the Board indicating:

  • the name of the group/delegation they represent;
  • the name of the presenter;
  • the topic of the presentation;
  • a summary of the presentation; and
  • audio visual requirements.

2. Presentation requests will be considered by the Board Chair in the order they are received. The Executive Assistant of the Board notifies, in writing, persons who do not receive approval to address the Board. In some cases, it may be determined that it would be more appropriate for an individual or group to address their comments to a specific Board committee. In these situations, the Executive Assistant of the Board and appropriate Vice President will make arrangements for the presentations.

3. Presentations, including questions, may not exceed 20 minutes. The Chair allows members of the Board to ask questions for the purpose of clarifying points in connection with the presentation but does not allow discussion or statements on the issue.

4. When a presenter makes statements that are, or may be, incorrect or unsupported, any member of the Board or the Executive Leadership Team may, after receiving permission from the Chair, bring correction or clarification to the statements made.

5. Upon conclusion of the presentation, the Board receives the presentation without further debate, comment, or action, and may refer the matter presented to an appropriate Board committee or executive staff for follow-up or report. Motions are not considered.

Question Period

A question period of 10 minutes is provided at the end of each public Board meeting for members of the public. To create an unbiased and respectful environment whereby members of the public may ask questions to the Horizon Board, a moderator facilitates the question period.

1. Each person asking a question identifies themselves and who they represent initially to the moderator and then to members of the Board.

2. To facilitate the work of the Board and permit multiple members of the public the opportunity to ask a question, preambles should not exceed one minute.

3. All questions are directed to the Chair who may redirect the question or take it under advisement, if appropriate.

4. When a question is taken under advisement, the Chair identifies how the answer will be provided.

5. Disruptive behavior regarding the Board's action under this policy may result in removal of the public and media and movement of the Board to in-camera session.

6. Each person asking a question is permitted one question and one supplementary question. This will be enforced by the moderator.

7. Motions are not considered in this portion of the meeting.


1. Communications advises the media seven days prior to the Board meeting.

2. Members of the media shall identify themselves to the communication staff at the beginning of each meeting.

3. Communication staff assists members of the media with post-meeting interviews including the Board Chair and/or members of the Executive Leadership Team.

4. Communication staff arranges for the distribution of any reports and information requested by members of the media.

5. Members of the media shall obtain permission by Communications to use photographic and video recording equipment prior to the meeting.  Reporters may use pocket dictating equipment during meetings or interviews conducted following the meeting to assist with transcription.

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