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Engagement at Horizon

Working together to make better decisions.

Our first priority has always been to provide the right health care to New Brunswickers in a considerate and respectful way that places our patients and their families at the center of everything we do.  We do this by engaging with the people that matter most to us; our staff and physicians, our patients, and our community; on matters that mean the most to them.

We acknowledge that there are some areas in our system where we are not meeting the expectations of our patients and their families. We believe that we can fix this by working together to find reasonable solutions to improve the care we provide.

Horizon is committed to working with our staff and the public, using various methods of Public Participation, to find solutions on how to best deliver health care services in our province.

Public Participation

Public Participation is the practice of involving both the public and our staff in problem solving by using their input to help us make decisions. It is also a way to ensure that those who make decisions that affect one's health care engage in a dialogue before making any changes.

Public Participation includes all aspects of identifying problems and opportunities, developing alternatives and making decisions through the use of tools and techniques that allow for engagement and two-way communication.

Horizon is regularly looking for both staff and public to be involved in its public consultations and other engagement activities. If you are interested in participating or learning more, please contact:

We look forward to bringing people together to help us provide Exceptional Care. Every Person. Every Day.

Horizon's Health Care Engagement Framework

Horizon's Health Care Engagement Framework guides the way we engage with our patients, clients and families, as well as our staff, physicians and volunteers in health care decisions.

We value our relationships with our staff and community stakeholders and our framework fosters an environment of transparency and creates opportunity for meaningful engagement. 

Through our engagement work, Horizon encourages and enables people to contribute to decision making on various health care programs, projects, and services.

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