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Our Commitment

Language is important in providing care that is safe and of high quality. We work as a team to ensure that you receive your services in your official language of choice. This means that the person greeting you in both languages may reach out to a bilingual colleague when needed to better serve you.

'Staff engagement' is a popular term these days. To be 'engaged' in our work, we need to feel an emotional involvement or commitment to it. Health care professionals most often chose their field of work wanting to help people. They are committed to your well-being. It is important for our staff to feel like a part of the great services that we are committed to offering you. Our employees are currently engaging in numerous dialogues throughout the organization to exchange experiences, talk about the role of language in the quality and safety of care, and sharing ideas on how to better serve you. They are sharing their concerns and their challenges. They are engaging with the organization to come up with solutions to improve access to care in your language of choice as a team.