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Your Choice

When you hear 'HELLO/BONJOUR' or another bilingual greeting, the intention is to let you know that services are available in French and English. Staff members are inviting you to continue in your language of choice. Please know that not all staff members are bilingual, nor is it our goal to have all staff members be bilingual. The provision of services in your language of choice is a team effort. If the staff member greeting you cannot continue in your language of choice, they will get someone who can as quickly as possible.

We strive to offer you the best care possible. We continue our recruitment efforts in areas where bilingual staff members are insufficient in numbers to provide services in your language of choice with ease. While we work to meet our goals, we will make every effort to serve you in your language using contingency plans when needed.

We also understand that New Brunswick is becoming more culturally diverse. As an organization, we recognize that providing care that is linguistically and culturally adapted is important. Health care services that are patient centred and inclusive are of critical importance to us. Please visit our section on Patient and Family centred care to learn more.