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Biography - Roger Stoddard

I am married and have two children. I have been a patient experienced adviser for a couple of years now.

And have really enjoyed being part of the process, I guess behind the scenes. As a patient I was really familiar with the operation of a surgical floor or interventions where I go for treatments every two months to maintain mobility. Like most of the public I was unaware of the work going on behind the scenes within Horizon Health. I have been involved in several committees including respiratory, EVS. Employee engagement and horizon health code white implementation committee, as well as others .I love doing this type of work, it makes me feel included and accepted within this work environment. My past work and education has helped me integrate quickly so that I can contribute.

Working as a PEA has given me an insight of the depth and vastness of Horizon Health and a unique appreciation of both those front line workers and those who diligently work day to day behind the scenes to ensure Horizon Health operates safely and efficiently for all of us.

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