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Confidentiality Policy

  1. Horizon Health Network (Horizon) complies with the Right to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (RTIPPA) and the Personal Health Information Privacy and Access Act (PHIPAA) and their regulations.
  2. Horizon protects the confidentiality and privacy of personal information (PI), and personal health information (PHI) in their custody or control.
  3. All Horizon employees and non-staff personnel sign the "Confidentiality - Declaration of Understanding" upon beginning their role within Horizon.
  4. Employees and non-staff personnel may access personal information and/ or personal health information, on a need-to-know basis only, and as defined or required by their role within the organization.
  5. Employees and non-staff personnel may see, hear or be given access to confidential or sensitive information about employees, patients, and the operations of the Horizon Health Network and/or any of its partners. Such information is to be held in strict confidence and is not to be disclosed or discussed with anyone other than those authorized to receive such information in the course of performing their duties.
  6. Access to the partners' records and information by employees and non-staff personnel is a privilege. Access is granted only for the purpose of performing employment duties, or conducting business as per a contract or agreement. Employees and non-staff personnel are strictly prohibited from accessing records and information to which they are not entitled within the scope of their duties.
  7. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Horizon is responsible for promoting an awareness of the requirements of this policy and has delegated this to the Horizon Chief Privacy Officer (CPO) who is responsible for providing leadership on privacy/confidentiality matters and for:
  • promoting privacy/confidentiality awareness,
  • acting as an expert resource to other parts of the organization and to business partners regarding privacy and confidentiality related matters,
  • investigating privacy/breach of confidentiality complaints.
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