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Redevelopment Projects

Moncton - New Oncology Clinic - Sep 16 2014The Moncton Hospital's New Oncology Clinic

The Moncton Hospital's new facility is a much larger open space, allowing patients to have someone stay with them during their two to three-hour treatments. The Friends of The Moncton Hospital and Horizon opened this new 17,000-square-foot facility.  Read more.

Horizon's Refurbishment and Sustainability Plan

Refurbishments and improvements were conducted at the Dr. Everett Chalmers Regional Hospital (DECRH) in Fredericton to ensure a healthy and safe environment for patients, their families and staff. Started in November 2013, Horizon's Refurbishment and Sustainability Plan focuses on patient care units, public corridors, and the area from the main entrance to elevator lobby area. Although most of the major work on the facility was completed in spring 2014, ongoing refurbishment continues with an emphasis on sustainability. Read more.

New Health Centre in Stanley

A new $2.1 million health centre was built in the Village of Stanley. It includes a day procedures room, treatment room, a nurse assessment area, five examination rooms, two physician offices, nurse practitioner and nurse manager offices, a multi-purpose room, space for public health, extra-mural and dietician services, speech language pathology, meeting room and administration area. Read more.

New Design Unveiled for Oromocto Health Clinic

Although in July 2014, the public received its first glimpse of the floor plans for the Oromocto Health Clinic, the 5th Canadian Division Support Base Gagetown was unable to find a suitable space on the base to renovate. A tripartite agreement between the Province of New Brunswick, Horizon and Base Gagetown is in development to acquire space for the permanent clinic in the town of Oromocto. Staff, consisting of two nurse practitioners, nursing staff, a registered dietitian, a registered social worker and administrative staff, worked temporarily out of the Noreen Richard Centre, but will move to the Oromocto Public Hospital in June 2015, until a permanent location can be found. Read more.

The Fredericton Downtown CHC

In March 2014, Horizon and the University of New Brunswick signed a partnership agreement marking the official opening of the Fredericton Downtown Community Health Centre. The two organizations have formed a unique partnership to create the CHC, a leading practice model integrating health service delivery, education and research in a primary health care setting.  Read more.

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