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Request a Placement

It is important to first identify your placement type.

Upon identifying the placement type, the Agency or Visitor will have detailed instruction

  • How to request a placement;
  • How to process conditions to placement; and
  • How to onboard a placement (identification and security access cards, systems, and training) 

Representatives of the Agency and the Unit-Department-Program-Service as well as the EPP Team will have available to them an Education Placement Checklist.

Be sure to read the Conditions to Placement section so that you and your learner are aware of everything that is  required for placement at Horizon Health Network.

Failure to provide all of the required documentation will result in a delay or cancellation of the coordinated placement.

Each learner and on-site clinical instructor must wear a Horizon Health Network issued identification and security access card.

Some learners and on-site clinical instructors wil require access and training. 

When to request an Education Placement

Requests must be submitted 3 months in advance of the desired placement start date. 

A Horizon Education Placement Agreement must be processed with each Agency. Once the Agreement is processed, it automatically renews itself from year to year. Failure to have an Agreement before the placement start date will result in a delay or cancellation.

Learners are given the opportunity to identify their preferences when requesting a placement. The primary focus is  to acquire placement offers that meet the learning objectives. The overall focus is to search Horizon Health Network thoroughly for all education placement opportunities. Placement offers are based on availability; therefore the student may be required to travel.

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