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Residency Survival Tips

General survival/success tips:

  • Reserve time each week for yourself: It is important for pharmacy residents to have a sense of balance. Horizon encourages pharmacy residents to make time for themselves through physical activities, hobbies, or exploring the fantastic cities where our program is based.
  • Be willing to step out of your comfort zone: Pharmacy Residency is challenging, and residents will be pushed to work hard and develop their skills in patient care.
  • Refine time management skills: Residents will need to balance work associated with their rotations with work from their research project, and other presentations. Residents will be expected to manage their time in a way that accomplishes their tasks efficiently.
  • Use your mentor as a resource: Horizon assigns residents with a mentor who can act as a support system when our residents have questions about hospital pharmacy, their new city, or needs guidance in navigating the program.
  • Understand that a residency is a time for learning and growing your skills in hospital pharmacy: Before pharmacy residents are able to perform at the proficient level, there will be times of development where residents will have lots of questions and perhaps self-doubt. Our residents are selected because they are the best candidates for the positions and it is normal to ebb and flow between confidence and frustration during the initial learning stages. (Tucker's Stages of Group Development).
  • Self-reflection is important: Residencies require ongoing self-assessments. Learn to identify areas where you may need to further develop skills and areas that you feel are your strengths.
  • Create goals: Write goals for each rotation down. Inform your preceptor of your goals to keep yourself accountable and to let your preceptor know what you hope to get out of their rotation.
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