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Mission & Objectives


The Saint John School of Radiological Technology (SJSRT) is committed to didactic and clinical educational excellence in radiological technology, and the promotion of life-long learning.  SJSRT provides a physically and emotionally safe learning environment, and an equitable and positive learning experience whereby students develop self-confidence and competence in the delivery of radiological technology services. 


  • Maintain a high quality accredited educational program in radiological technology
  • Recruit and admit students with strong academic standing, who display pre-professional attributes and characteristics such as good communicative ability, integrity and altruism.
  • Consistently provide a physically and emotionally safe learning environment during all aspects of program delivery
  • Cultivate an appreciation of life-long learning as a professional responsibility
  • Inculcate compassion and critical thinking as a daily practice requirement for a radiological technologist
  • Ensure that graduates have met all competencies outlined in the CAMRT Competency Profile for Radiological Technologists as well as those competencies described in course content.
  • Promote collaborative practice in a patient-centered care environment
  • Prepare graduates to successfully challenge the CAMRT Certification Exams
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