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The Moncton Hospital Graduate Dietetic Internship Program

Program Outline


For the first 2 weeks of internship, interns are oriented to the hospital and the internship program.

  • Orientation to hospital and internship (1 week): This includes activities such as touring the hospital and Food and Nutrition Services, reviewing the interns' manual, standard operating practices, assignments, evaluation forms, etc.
  • Orientation to Clinical Nutrition (1 week): Interns are oriented to clinical nutrition in a classroom setting, with sessions relating to patient/client interviewing, documentation, nutrition assessment and introduction to medical nutrition therapy for various conditions.

Food Service / Management (11 weeks)

  • This includes 4 weeks of Junior Administration where interns gain experience in a conventional kitchen being exposed to main production, meal assembly and distribution and ingredient control areas.
  • 4 weeks in Senior Administration where experience is gained in labour relations, menu planning, budgeting, total quality management and purchasing. During this time the interns work closely with the director of Food and Nutrition Services and the administrative support dietitian.
  • Interns also work together on a three-week food service project.

Clinical Nutrition / Nutrition Care (17 weeks)

  • 3 weeks with the Diabetes Education Centre dietitians/Certified Diabetes Educators
  • 2 weeks with the Ambulatory Care Dietitians
  • 3 weeks with each of four in-patient Dietitians (12 weeks)
  • Interns gain experience with patient assessment, development of nutrition care plans, individual and group counselling, team rounds and case conferences.

During their clinical rotations, interns prepare a report and present on a Nutrition Special Topic.

Independent Professional Staff Experience (3 to 4 weeks)

These weeks will be assigned or may be requested in an area of the intern's interest.

Off-Site and Electives Placements (8 to 9 weeks)

A 5-week population and public health / health promotion / community nutrition placement is mandatory. We try to accommodate intern's requests for specific rotations either in an area of special interest to the student or close to where friends or family live.

Project Development (2 weeks)

Basic scientific research methods and principles are utilized to investigate a simple problem/QI topic in clinical or administrative dietetics (group project).

Professional Development (incorporated throughout the program)

Various classes are given to provide interns with the maximum number of learning experiences during their internship year. Each rotation has an assignment related to the area. These assignments are practical and supplement the hands-on experience of the rotation while helping the student achieve the competencies for the rotation. Some assignment and projects will require interns time outside the internship regular work hours to complete.

Updated: September 2021

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