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Volunteer Opportunities

You can apply for any of the following volunteer positions, we will do our best to match your interests and availability with the needs of our local facility.

Gift/Coffee Shop and Salon Volunteers
Volunteers assist in the Auxiliaries Gift & Coffee Shops, Salons and fundraising endeavors, which provide patient comfort items and equipment purchasing.

Book Cart
Volunteers offer complementary books and magazines to patients for their reading enjoyment.

Friendly Visiting
Volunteers engage in friendly conversation with patients who would benefit from their company.

Gift Cart (Moncton)
Volunteers provide a convenient mobile shopping service to patients, their families and visitors.

Volunteers welcome and direct patients and visitors as they enter various hospital areas, and provide assistance to individual as needed. 

Volunteers provide support and comfort, to patients and their families in clinics, waiting areas and family rooms.

Palliative Care
Volunteers help patients and their families by providing emotional support and comfort measures to during end of life care. 

Plant Care
Maintain and beautify indoor and outdoor plants/gardens for the enjoyment of the patients. 

Pet Therapy - A partnership with an accredited Pet Therapy Program
Pet therapy volunteers provide comfort and joy to patients, who benefit from the unconditional love of a four-legged friend.

Recreation Volunteer
Volunteers interact with elderly and long term care patients by assisting with  activities, games, music and special events, to help keep our patients socially engaged and active while in hospital. 

Student Program
Student volunteers contribute to their health care community by brightening the days of patients through a variety of programs.  Programs vary across Horizon, please check with your local volunteer office for more information.

Therapeutic Services
Volunteers engage in supervised therapeutic activities in order for the therapist to evaluate patient progress.

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