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Health Care Professions at OSI

There are many different professional groups represented at the OSI Clinic and each plays a unique role. This section gives a brief overview of those professions and what they can do to assist you.

  • Psychiatrist- a medical doctor (MD) who has taken an additional 4 to 5 years of training in mental health. Psychiatrists provide psychotherapy, medication therapy, and consultation. Their exclusive or unique service is the use of medication. A consult with a Psychiatrist would be recommended to assess your overall medical history, your specific OSI concerns and to discuss whether or not medication is an appropriate treatment.
  • Psychologist- a professional who has a Masters, or Doctoral degree (PhD or PsyD) (a doctorate, hence their use of "Doctor") in psychology and qualifies as a Clinical Psychologist. Psychologists provide psychological assessments, psychotherapy, and consultation. Their exclusive or unique area of practice is standardized assessment. You would see a Psychologist for detailed testing, usually completed on paper, and for ongoing therapy.
  • Clinical Social Worker- a professional who has earned a Bachelor or Masters of Social Work degree. Most Clinical Social Workers have focused their training on working with couples and families and in their work they emphasize the impact of relationships on health. Clinical Social Workers may also provide individual therapy. Many clients at the clinic make use of our couple therapy services, since it helps support overall effectiveness in treatment.
  • Psychiatric Nurse- a professional who has earned a nursing degree, is qualified as a Registered Nurse in the province and has acquired additional experience in the assessment and treatment of mental health problems. They provide overall health assessments, continuity of care in between medical appointments, and health education on matters such as depression, anxiety, the effects of medication, and other topics.
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