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Rehabilitation Engineering

What is Rehabilitation Engineering?

Rehabilitation ("Rehab") Engineering is one of Horizon's Stan Cassidy Centre for Rehabilitation's (SCCR) Assistive Technology Services (ATS) provided to clinicians who are seeking specialized technical solutions for their clients living with disabilities. Services range from informal technical guidance and consultation to formal engineering work in the form of custom designs and modifications.

Who we are

Rachelle Bernier, a biomedical mechanical engineer, provides rehabilitation engineering services at the SCCR.

Who we help

Rehab Engineering is available to all SCCR clinicians, adult or pediatric. External clinicians can also access Rehab Engineering for their clients, but first must refer them to SCCR outpatient services following the instructions provided in the How to refer section below.

Services we offer

Rehab engineering services are directed primarily toward specific client needs, and also for SCCR departmental support for technology that may help a large number of clients. Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Custom designs (Electrical/Mechanical/Biomedical) and production of unique devices
  • Modifications/Adaptations of devices owned by, or obtained for, clients
  • 3D printing, scanning and CNC milling for rapid prototyping and reverse engineering
  • Design and assembly of small electrical devices
  • Technical Guidance for refining a search or specification of specialized technology

How to refer


SCCR clinicians may request Rehab Engineering service by submitting a work order form including the following information:

  • Clinician/department contact information
  • Client name and diagnosis (if applicable)
  • Pertinent dates (discharge, appointment date, returning to school, etc.)
  • A description of the problem that needs to be solved and specific design parameters that may need consideration (range of motion, strength, duration of use, location of use, etc.)
  • A brief description of existing or similar solutions that were researched or tested that did not meet the clinician's or client's needs.


External clinicians may contact an SCCR clinician to discuss specific technical needs of a client. ATS clinicians are consulted to determine if existing technology may address the technical need. If no commercial solution is available, the external clinician must refer their client to outpatient services using the following processes: adult or pediatric. Clients will be referred internally to Rehab Engineering.


The Rehab Engineering department conducts and participates in various research to ensure that the latest technologies and best practices are available for our clients. Rehab Engineering has been involved with technology aspects of research surrounding adaptive gaming and smart home. Rehab Engineering has also initiated research and development projects for the advancement of internally designed prototypes, and make them available to all Canadians with disabilities.

Contact us

Attn.: Rehabilitation Engineering
Stan Cassidy Centre for Rehabilitation
800 Priestman St.
Fredericton, N.B.
E3B 0C7

Administrative Assistant
Tel.: 506-443-2178
Fax: 506-447-4379


Construction of the guitar fretting prototype.

Custom 3D printed joystick toppers.

Custom 3D printed toothbrush adaptor for ease of use.

Custom switch modifier for specifying switch output duration and type.

Switch adapting a dune racer for the early mobility project.

Switch adapting a stapler for occupational use.

A patient plays guitar using the first guitar fretting prototype.


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