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Rehabilitation Engineering

What is Rehabilitation Engineering?

Rehabilitation ("Rehab") Engineering is one of SCCR's Assistive Technology Services provided to clinicians who are seeking specialized technical solutions for their disabled clients.  Services range from informal technical guidance and consultation all the way to formal engineering work in the form of custom designs and modifications.

Who we are

  • We have an Electrical Engineer on staff.

Who we help

Rehab Engineering is available to all SCCR clinicians, adult or paediatric. External clinicians can also access Rehab Engineering for their clients, but first must refer them to SCCR, the relevant Assistive Technology Service and, if the request is suitable, the clients will be referred internally to Rehab Engineering.

Rachelle Bernier, a biomedical mechanical engineer, provides rehabilitation engineering services at the SCCR.

Services we offer

  • Technical Guidance for refining a search or specification of specialized technology
  • Custom designs (Electrical/Mechanical/Biomedical) and production of unique devices (i.e., not just copies of existing commercial devices that clients want but can't afford)
  • Modifications/Adaptations of devices owned by, or obtained for, clients

How to refer


Referrals to Rehab Engineering by SCCR clinicians are indirect, with degree of involvement based on the patient's and clinician's needs.   There are typically three stages:

1. The SCCR clinician investigates all the commercially available options and if no solutions can be found then he/she can request a short, informal consultation with Rehab Engineering.

2. If after the informal consultation with Rehab Engineering it looks like a much more intensive, technical investigation is needed, the clinician can make a formal referral for "technical guidance from Rehab Engineering" through the Augmentative Communication Service (ACS).

3. If no commercial products are found through step (2), then a referral for "Custom Design or Modification" can be made via ACS, at which point the feasibility and budget sources will be determined, and then priority level of the custom project will be determined with Rehab Engineering. (Once a project is started, the referring clinician and their ACS counterpart are expected to collaborate in the planning, testing and implementation phases of product development).


Rehab Engineering - Claudette PellerinReferrals to Rehab Engineering by clinicians outside of SCCR proceed as follows:

1. External clinician contacts one of the OTs or S-LPs in the relevant Assistive Technology Service(s) (ATS) at SCCR to discuss specific technical need of a client.

2. ATS clinician reviews available technology and, if necessary, consults with Rehab Engineering.

3. If no commercial solution is available, the ATS clinician invites the external clinician to generate a referral* for the specific type of technology needed toACS, at which point the feasibility and budget sources will be determined, and then priority level of the custom project will be determined with Rehab Engineering.

*NOTE: All external referrals must be signed by a physician, but therapists may initiate them.

 Photo caption: SCCR patient utilizing a rehab engineering designed and fabricated electrooculography(EOG) acquisition device for communication aid.

Contact us

Attn.: Rehabilitation Engineering
Stan Cassidy Centre for Rehabilitation
800 Priestman Street
Fredericton, New Brunswick
E3B 0C7

Administrative Assistant
Tel.: (506) 443-2178
Fax: (506) 447-4379


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