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Environmental Services (EVS)

What is EVS?

Horizon Health Network's Environmental Services (EVS) team plays a critical role in keeping everyone safe. Our EVS workers support patient care by performing a variety of cleaning duties including:

  • Cleaning throughout our facilities including floor surfaces, fixtures, furniture, equipment and washrooms;
  • Disinfecting and cleaning rooms of discharged patients including making beds;
  • Disinfecting and cleaning clinical treatment rooms, specialty rooms such as operating rooms (ORs), as well as public spaces using isolation procedures;
  • Removing waste and ensuring proper disposal of waste by category (such as general, confidential and biomedical), and recycling where possible.

Our role in curbing the spread of COVID-19

Our EVS team members work behind the scenes to maintain a clean and safe health care environment. During the pandemic, their role is more important than ever. Enhanced cleaning practices are helping us fight the spread of COVID-19 throughout our facilities.

Download this video here.

Join Us!

We are actively seeking EVS Workers.

Have you been laid off due to the pandemic? To learn more about our career opportunities, visit

When working at Horizon, you will find work-life balance with a rewarding compensation package that includes a competitive salary, comprehensive benefits, and a pension plan.

This is the life-changing opportunity you have been waiting for!

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