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How prepared are you for a flood?


  Brent Whelan, Emergency Management Coordinator for the Fredericton and Upper River Valley Areas, Horizon Health Network As we all…  Read More

A Letter From Horizon's CEO: Nova Scotia Tragedy


A senseless act of violence took place yesterday in our neighbouring province of Nova Scotia. This unthinkable tragedy, of which…  Read More

Statement from Dr. John Dornan regarding recovered COVID-19 patient plasma donations


Dr. John Dornan is Horizon Health Network's Chief of Staff and Endocrinologist at Horizon's Saint John Regional Hospital  April 11,…  Read More

Staying calm during the COVID-19 pandemic


Sarah Newcomb-Anjo, MA, Clinical Psychology Residency Program Pre-doctoral Intern, Horizon Health Network My name is Sarah, and I am one…  Read More

How ethics will support Horizon’s response to COVID-19 outbreak


My name is Dr. Timothy Christie. I'm the Regional Director of Ethics Services and I'm the Chair of the COVID-19…  Read More