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Community Health Needs Assessments

Since 2012, Horizon has been working with communities to gain a better understanding of their health care needs using Community Health Needs Assessments (CHNA). A CHNA is a dynamic and ongoing process that identifies the unique strengths and needs of a community. This information provides both Horizon and the communities with a roadmap to achieving a common goal: to improve the overall health of New Brunswick communities.

In Your Community

Armed with recommendations out of the CHNAs, our communities are taking the lead to address the many factors that influence overall health, including: health behaviours, social and economic factors, the physical environment and health services.

In Your Community is a publication that acknowledges those efforts, and celebrates their successes. There's a lot more to come, so check back often!

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Community Health Needs Assessment Reports

The province is divided into 33 unique communities to ensure a better perspective of regional and local differences.

Community Health Needs Assessments have been completed in 13 of them.

As they are completed, the reports are posted here.

Community profiles and boundary information is available through the New Brunswick Health Council.  

CHNAs Map June 2016

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