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Horizon to standardize hospital public parking rates

(Horizon) September 3, 2015 - Public parking rates at Horizon Health Network's three urban hospitals are being standardized. Beginning September 14, 2015, visitors and patients will pay the same when parking at the Saint John Regional Hospital, The Moncton Hospital and the Dr. Everett Chalmers Regional Hospital in Fredericton, resulting in small increases.
The hourly rate at all three locations will be $1.75, with a maximum daily rate of $8.00. The change in pricing will provide consistency at these three major locations and better reflect local municipal and private parking rates.
Jeff Carter, corporate director of support services noted that since Horizon's inception in 2008, there has been only one price change at one of the hospital's parking facilities-a small increase at The Moncton Hospital.
"Parking fees at our hospitals have not kept up with local municipal rates in other venues over the years," he said. "This means we have less and less revenue available every year for operation and maintenance of our parking areas."
As part of operations, the revenue pays for regular upkeep of the parking lots, including paving, snow removal, sanding, resurfacing, patching, re-lining, curbing, sidewalk maintenance, and the addition of new parking spaces.
The parking fee standardization also applies to weekly and monthly passes, which will be $20.00 and $50.00 respectively.
Parking rates and information about monthly and weekly passes can be found online at   (direct link).
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Public Parking
Effective September 14, 2015: Standardized public parking rates in all locations:
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