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Danny Jardine, Project Manager, Aging and Eldercare

Danny Jardine 2016b(Horizon) In Horizon Health Network's five year strategy released last winter, one of the four priorities was to create five centres of expertise to "foster and communicate strong clinical leadership, improve outcomes and drive research as a core activity in Horizon Health Network".  Aging and Eldercare has been chosen to start this initiative and preliminary meetings have taken place with key internal stakeholders to discuss general direction. 

Danny Jardine has been appointed as Project Manager, Aging and Eldercare Project. As Project Manager, Danny will co-ordinate the work of team members and help maintain the team's focus and energy on creating our first model under this important priority. New Brunswick's unique demographics clearly demands we develop improved programs and collaborate with many various stakeholders (within and external to Horizon). 

Horizon is excited about the potential to create a vibrant program of co-ordinated services to our aging population.  As well, we wish to leverage our assets in Aging and Eldercare that are somewhat inequitably allocated, and to be an attractive organization for professionals and researchers to practice and invest their careers.  Danny's project leadership will be instrumental in this goal.

Danny comes into this position from his role as Manager of Therapeutic Service at the Extra-Mural Program in the Saint John Area.   He previously held roles within Horizon in mental health services and has a great deal of experience in community-based programming.  Danny holds Masters Degrees in both Science (UNB) and Public Administration (Dalhousie). 

Based at St. Joseph's Hospital in Saint John, Danny will work with all stakeholders throughout Horizon in this new and unique position.

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