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March is Nutrition Month

Lori Heron 2016

By Lori Heron, Registered Dietitian, Public Health Saint John

This month, I am pleased to speak on behalf of Horizon's Public Health dietitians to encourage you to make small changes to improve your health. This year's theme is "Take a 100 Meal Journey: Make Small Changes, One Meal at a Time".

Did you know? We eat about 100 meals every month. Eating well can boost your health and help you feel your best. Want to eat better? Instead of trying to change everything at once, focus on one meal at a time. 

Here are some things you can do to get ready for a healthier you:

  • Pledge to make a small change and stick with it.

  • Buy foods that will nourish you instead of treats to tempt you.

  • Nutrition 2015dAdd healthy cues like a bowl of fruit on the kitchen counter, a water bottle and healthy snacks at your desk.

  • Jump-start your day with breakfast.

  • Plan ahead for lunch leftovers by cooking extra at supper.

  • Drink more water and less sugary and creamy drinks.

  • Pack nutrient-rich snacks for work so you can steer clear of the vending machine.

  • Flavour your food with tangy citrus, fresh herbs or fragrant spices and skip the salt!

  • Set yourself up for success by making SMART goals.

For example, decide to eat a vegetable at lunch every day over the next month. This goal is SPECIFIC, MEASURABLE, ACTION-oriented, REALISTIC and within a TIME-FRAME.

Nutrition 2015b

Track What You Are Eating! Dietitians of Canada's EatTracker app helps you set goals, track habits and get feedback along the way.

Need some recipe ideas? Get inspired with Dietitians of Canada's Cookspirationapp.

To download these must-have apps, visit:

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