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Statement: Charlotte County Hospital

(ST. STEPHEN) September 26, 2016 - Surgery with local anesthetic only will continue at the Charlotte County Hospital. This represents about 86 per cent of surgical procedures that have taken place in recent years at the hospital and the practice in place since June 17, 2016 when the surgeon decided to cease performing general anaesthesia cases. 

In addition to maintaining this service, many recommendations from the 2013 Community Health Needs Assessment for St. Stephen, St. Andrews and surrounding areas will be implemented. This assessment suggested maintaining 24 hour emergency room services, the enhancement of ambulatory care services and the strengthening of primary care services.

"The Charlotte County Hospital remains a vital part of the community, employing over 200 staff and physicians" Dr. Edouard Hendriks, vice-president of medical, academic and research affairs for Horizon Health Network said. "We have plans to enhance some services, mainly in primary care and are looking at a new primary care clinic using various health care professionals to provide services in the community."

A news release issued by Horizon Health Network on Friday, Sep. 23 was misinterpreted by some readers as indicating a return of general anaesthetic surgery. Those procedures will not be carried out at Charlotte County Hospital.  Horizon Health Network regrets any misunderstanding. 


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Stephanie Neilson-Levesque
Senior Media Relations Advisor
Horizon Health Network

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