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The Oromocto Public Hospital Celebrates its 50th anniversary

Horizon Health Network's Oromocto Public Hospital (OPH) celebrated fifty years of patient care today. Originally opened as a military hospital, the OPH has been proudly serving the community for five decades.

"The staff, physicians, and volunteers at the Oromocto Public Hospital have made a positive impact on this community for 50 years," said Nicole Tupper, Executive Director of the Fredericton area. "We are proud of our rich history and look forward to many more years of service."

Horizon Health Network President and CEO, Karen McGrath, congratulated staff on reaching this milestone.

"Today is a day to celebrate the accomplishments of the past 50 years and look towards the future," she said. "Each and every day you are helping patients be healthy by providing them the care they need. The staff, physicians, and volunteers have a lot to celebrate." 

The community hospital is made up of 45 inpatient beds, including acute care, restorative program, day surgery and a transitional care unit. The OPH provides patients with services such as: laboratory, radiology, breast screening program, therapeutic services and emergency department.  In the last fiscal year there were 34,371 Emergency Department visits, 959 admissions and 4,872 surgeries performed.

"The Oromocto Public Hospital has gone through many changes in its fifty years," said Darline Cogswell, Facility Manager, Oromocto Public Hospital. "Throughout the changes we have remained committed to serving the people of Oromocto and CFB Gagetown. We offer our patients the care they need, close to home."

The OPH was established in 1967 with 92 beds, 40 of which were reserved for military use. The Canadian Armed Forces provided the Medical Officers and Nursing sisters for the treatment and care of military patients. During that time the director of nursing was a civilian and the assistant was a nursing sister of junior rank. In the mid-1990s the partnership with the Canadian Armed Forces was terminated, but the hospital continued to operate, changing to a 45 bed hospital with a second floor dedicated to a day surgery program.  

The OPH is fortunate to have the ongoing support of the Oromocto Public Hospital Foundation and Auxiliary. These volunteer-run organizations raise much needed funds to improve the day-to-day lives of OPH patients through equipment, technology and infrastructure upgrades.





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