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Board Strategic Planning - Your feedback is important to us

(HORIZON) March 4, 2014 - Public Service Announcement - Horizon Health Network is in the process of developing a new Strategic Plan that will guide the organization's mission, and focus its service efforts. Horizon's Board has approved a strategic planning process that creates opportunities for staff, physicians, patients and community members to have a say in defining the priorities for Horizon over the next 3 to 5 years.

The Strategic Plan will:

  • Affirm Horizon's mission and values
  • Define Horizon's long-term vision
  • Identify the critical priorities for Horizon over the next few years

Horizon has held a number of strategic focus groups with various community stakeholders, but this provides only a sampling our communities' concerns and suggestions. All New Brunswickers are encouraged to contribute to the strategic planning process.

Available now on Horizon's website is the Strategic Planning Primer and Feedback Questionnaire.

You are encouraged to visit to review the Strategic Planning Primer. It provides an overview of some of the factors affecting health care specifically in New Brunswick, but also matters from a national perspective. The Feedback Questionnaire facilitates participation by asking eight questions and offering the opportunity for general comment. 

Horizon Health Network thanks everyone who chooses to participate in this process. Together we can create a safe, sustainable, quality health-care system.


For more information contact:
Carolyn McCormack, APR
Media Relations

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