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From Good to Great – Horizon’s Laboratory Medicine Program Awarded Important Accreditation

(HORIZON) May 1, 2014 - Horizon Health Network's Department of Laboratory Medicine has become the first laboratory network in the Maritimes to receive the nationally recognized Ontario Laboratory Accreditation. The department includes 600 total staff and performs 16,000,000 procedures annually in ten labs and five collection centres, making the accreditation process a significant job. 

Administered by The Ontario Medical Association's Quality Management Program for Laboratory Services, successful accreditation allows the department's motto of "One Lab, Many Sites" to be backed up by thorough assessment, testing and formal recognition.

"The accreditation assessment was comprehensive," said Daryl Steeves Regional Administrative Director, Horizon Health Network, noting that the assessors checked processes, measured temperatures, reviewed records, and interviewed staff and clients. "Our processes were looked at with a very high level of detail. They wanted to see the policy, the action, the monitoring and the correction."

After each visit, for every facility, the staff were given feedback that would allow the facility to improve its processes. Then there was a 90-day window to do just that. After running the gauntlet of accreditation, the Laboratory Medicine Program was granted the certificate that declared all goals met. The Department of Laboratory Medicine, among the largest in the Maritimes, has successfully met the goal of enhancing their services, standardizing practices and ensuring the best possible care of the patients that come through their doors.

"The Accreditation process brings immense value to Horizon Health Network as a whole, but most importantly benefits the patients and community at large. Staff have realized an essential and significant feat with this achievement," said Gary Foley, Vice President Professional Services, Horizon Health Network.

More information about this accomplishment can be found in the current issue of Horizon's Community Report, January - April 2014, now available at

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