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Health-needs assessment underway in Petitcodiac

(GNB HEALTH) June 6, 2013 - Work on a health-needs assessment has begun in the Petitcodiac and Salisbury area.

"Community health-needs assessments are being conducted as part of our government's efforts to improve access to primary health care in New Brunswick," said Health Minister Hugh Flemming. "An advisory committee has been established to oversee the project in the Petitcodiac and Salisbury area. It includes different community partners like town and village council representatives, local service groups, education professionals, business representatives, local physicians and various health-care professionals. This initiative will engage the community in identifying how health services can best be delivered in the region."

The Department of Health will support the initiative financially and assist Horizon Health Network in gathering data and population health information about the region.

"Our priority is to ensure we are making the most efficient use of our resources to provide our communities with accessible, high-quality health-care services," said John McGarry, president and chief executive officer of Horizon Health Network. "Through the needs assessment, we will engage the advisory committee to get the feedback we need to make informed decisions that will guide the development of a sustainable, long-term plan for the Petitcodiac and Salisbury area."

This is the fourth community health-needs assessment to be announced as part of the Primary Health Care Framework for New Brunswick commitment to carry out 10 such assessments by the spring of 2014.

The community health assessment for Oromocto is now complete and the executive summary is available on the Horizon Health Network website. The Fredericton assessment is currently being reviewed by Horizon Health Network, and the Department of Health recently announced that an assessment is also underway in the St. Stephen area. The health-needs assessment for the Petitcodiac and Salisbury area is scheduled to be completed by the end of December 2013.


For more information contact:

Mélanie Sivret, Communications, Department of Health, 1-506-444-3821

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