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Horizon awarded “Accredited with commendation” status

(HORIZON) March 28, 2014 - Horizon Health Network's status with Accreditation Canada has been upgraded to "Accredited with Commendation." Following an evaluation in September 2013 on 3,269 separate criteria, Accreditation Canada awarded Horizon with four-year accreditation status for successfully meeting 3,157, or 97%, of the evaluation criteria. The advanced status comes as a result of Horizon submitting further evidence to demonstrate its compliance with 11 required organizational practices requested by Accreditation Canada.

"To be 'Accredited with Commendation' not only means that Horizon has met the basic requirements-it means that we've surpassed them," said Horizon President and Chief Executive Officer, John McGarry. "The credit goes to every employee, physician, volunteer and community partner for their continued commitment to doing the best job possible for our patients."

Accreditation Canada conducted 155 survey visits at 30 facility sites across Horizon over a one-week period last fall. In awarding four-year accredited status, Accreditation Canada highlighted Horizon's strengths as its people, including staff,  physicians, Board, leadership, and volunteers; its emphasis on patient-focused care that is sensitive to the populations served, its great teamwork, strong community partnerships and its access to primary and community care.

Among the 11 practices Horizon submitted to receive advanced status, two examples include broadening hand hygiene inspections to take in outpatient services, and reducing patient risk to medication error by consistently using correct abbreviations when writing orders and documenting patient records.

"This achievement demonstrates your organization's determination and commitment to ongoing quality improvement," said Bernadette MacDonald, vice-president of innovation and development with Accreditation Canada. "We applaud your leadership, staff, and accreditation team members for their efforts and dedication to the provision of safe, quality health services."

Accreditation Canada is an independent, not-for-profit organization that sets standards for quality and safety in health care and accredits health organizations in Canada and around the world. This evaluation assists health care organizations to recognize their strengths, identify areas for improvement and to create a plan of action to improve the needs of patients, families and communities.


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