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Horizon Health Network celebrates 13 Community Health Recognition Awards winners

April 26, 2018 (Saint John) - Horizon Health Network announced the 2018 Community Health Recognition Award winners at its public board meeting, which took place in Saint John on Thursday, April 26.

For the second year the CHRAs have been offered, more than 50 applications and nominations were received from people all across the province. The 13 winners were voted upon and selected by Horizon's Local Community Engagement Committees. The winners are individuals and organizations that stood out because they are the embodiment of Horizon's mission of Helping People Be Healthy!

Karen McGrath, president and CEO of Horizon Health Network, said the CHRAs are Horizon's way of honouring and encouraging New Brunswickers to live a healthier life. 

"Helping people be healthy is our mission and our winners are helping New Brunswickers do just that," McGrath said. "They are making the healthy choice, the easy choice in our communities."

McGrath said all the applicants and nominations show great community spirit and is proud to know communities have these resources to rely on to help improve overall health.

"I would like to congratulate the 2018 winners, as well as all the other nominations and applicants for the work they're doing every day in creating healthy communities."

Jean Daigle, VP of Community for Horizon Health Network, said he is proud of the many people who work to break down barriers to accessing health care and promoting wellness. 

"Looking at the more than 50 applicants and nominations, it's great to see so many organizations that are working diligently to improve the quality of life in our communities," said Daigle. "It's really amazing to see how selfless and dedicated people are."

Daigle said it's encouraging that many of these organizations and people are doing the work, not for a paycheque, but because it's something they believe in to create healthier communities.

"These people are filling a gap in service that otherwise, might prevent citizens from living a healthy life," said Daigle. "They're addressing many of the challenges that were identified in the Community Health Needs Assessments completed by Horizon. The work they do is inspiring and infectious - bravo to them all for leading the way towards a healthy life."

Winners were selected from Fredericton, Miramichi, Moncton, Saint John and Upper River Valley areas.

Fredericton Area:

     Community Food Smart Fredericton
     Roberta Akcakiryan - Geary Elementary Community School
     Adopt a Grandparent - The Gagetown School

Miramichi Area:

    Miramichi Accessible Transit
    Eel Ground Health and Wellness Centre
    Miramichi Cafeteria Services Inc. - Max Aitken Academy


    Tele-Drive Albert County
    Housing Assessment Review Team
    Go Ahead Seniors

Saint John:

    Teen Resource Centre
    Coverdale Centre for Women
    Saint John Mental Health Docket in Provincial Court

Upper River Valley:

    Nackawic and Area Wellness Committee

Each winner received an award and certificate to display proudly, as well as $500 towards their organization. A short video describing the services the individuals and organizations provide was debuted at the public board meeting.  

For more information on the awards or Horizon's Local Community Engagement Committees, please contact: .

The video can be viewed in English or French.


For more information contact:

Stephanie Neilson-Levesque
Media Relations

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