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Horizon Health Network Hosting “Ideas and Solutions” Forums

(HORIZON) November 20, 2013 - Every member of our community has been touched either directly or indirectly by some part of the health care system. And everybody has an opinion on how to make things better. Now is your chance to be heard.

Horizon Health Network's new "Ideas and Solutions" forum is an important first step in the newly invigorated "Patients First" initiative.

"We recognize there are occasions where we don't always meet the standards of the public, or those we set for ourselves," said John McGarry, President and CEO of Horizon Health Network. "We're committed to finding solutions to make sure we're delivering the care that patients and families need and expect. The first step is to hear from those who have been in our system and wish to positively contribute." 

Horizon wants to hear about ways to improve any aspect of patient care. Several small-group discussion forums will be held in late November and during the month of December for former patients and family members at various locations within Horizon Health Network.

The regional health network is inviting anyone who has been a patient (or had family members as patients) to become a part of the solution by sharing experiences and ideas for improvement.

People who are interested in participating should register in advance by calling 1-855-661-0661.

"Providing the best possible health care to our patients in a considerate and respectful way is at the heart of what we do," said McGarry. "We take patient concerns seriously and we know we can learn from people's experiences and use them to make improvements."

McGarry said he looks forward to building on Horizon's relationships with its various communities.  "Creating a positive family-centered experience is a priority for Horizon Health Network."


For more information contact:
Carolyn McCormack
Senior Media Relations Advisor

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