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Horizon highlights community partners who are helping people be healthy

(HORIZON) May 17, 2018 - The Community Health Needs Assessments (CHNA) in Albert and Carleton Counties identified the need for better preventative, primary, and long-term health care to their residents through community-based initiatives - addressing healthy eating and physical activity, food insecurity, and community support for seniors.


In Your Community: Community Health Needs Assessments in Action is a publication acknowledging the achievements stemming from the CHNA's recommendations. This latest issue is the publication's fourth instalment and highlights the work being done in Albert and Carleton Counties.


Karen McGrath, President and CEO of Horizon Health Network, said in her first year as CEO, she was able to visit all the communities where Horizon operates and was thrilled with what she witnessed.


"I've seen first-hand the assets these communities have, as well as the challenges they face, but one thing's for certain: I left each area feeling inspired by the passion and commitment from community leaders all across this province," she said.


Some of the featured stories include a an affordable transportation service to keep seniors connected to their communities and independent, a food bank that's become a resource centre where people can learn about healthy eating, take advantage of a community garden, educational programs and more; and a peer-support group for mental health.


Jean Daigle, VP Community with Horizon Health Network, said Horizon recognizes that understanding a community's strengths and needs is the foundation for making informed decisions about community-based health care.


"It's important to remember that health care is complex and measuring the health of a community goes far beyond looking at rates of disease and the availability of health care services," he said. "This is why we are focused on working with many partners to fully meet the unique needs of everyone in our communities."


Horizon has been partnering with communities to complete CHNAs to provide both Horizon and the communities with a roadmap to achieving a common goal: to improve the overall health of New Brunswick communities.


To download a copy of In Your Community or to view the completed Community Health Needs Assessment reports, visit .

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