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Horizon wants to hear from mothers who experienced quick onset labour

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(Moncton) April 5, 2019 - We would like to thank the patients that have contacted Horizon's Patient Representative Services over the last few days regarding their labour and delivery concerns.

We understand many patients and their families still have questions and we're prepared to discuss your medical concerns.

If you believe you had a strong and sustained contraction of the uterus associated with a low fetal heart beat typically requiring a C-section, we want to hear from you.

These patients can call 1-844-225-0220 and we can arrange for you to speak with a health care provider if desired.

We are also encouraging mothers who fit this pattern to contact the RCMP or to give Horizon permission to do so on their behalf.

Once again, we sincerely empathize with everyone that is affected by this situation. It has been a difficult time for patients, staff and our entire community.

We would like to assure patients that Horizon has terminated the employee in question. Expectant mothers should not have any hesitations about delivering their baby at The Moncton Hospital or any of our Horizon facilities.

The actions of this one individual do not define the level of safe and quality care we provide.

We continue to work with the RCMP as part of their ongoing criminal investigation.

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