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Less than a week to get your submission in to Horizon’s Community Health Recognition Awards

Are you wondering if it's worth the time to apply or nominate someone for Horizon's Community Health Recognition Awards (CHRA)?

We checked in with Nashwaaksis Memorial Elementary School to see how the $500 benefitted the work they're doing!

Students at Nashwaaksis Memorial Elementary School are all able to use the Conflict Corner Program. This is a corner in the gymnasium where students can go to work out any problems they have with one another.


There are step-by-step instructions on how to work through an issue and find a middle ground. All students are using self-regulation tools to help problem solve together while maintaining independence and building resiliency.

Alex Yaychuk, acting principal at the school, said with the $500 prize, they were able to expand the program from the gymnasium to include the school's playground.

"We now have two sandwich boards with large displays in both official languages detailing the steps needed for students to go through when conflict arises on the playground," Alex said. "Based on our previous school data, this is the No. 1 hot spot in our school where conflict resolution is needed."


Alex said staff reported a significant drop in behavioural issues on the playground, as well as a drop in bullying.

"We believe students are beginning to feel more empowered with their own ability to resolve conflict. In doing so, we are seeing more resiliency amongst our student population," he said.

Alex said thanks to a survey among Grade 4 and 5 students, there has been a 16 per cent drop in bullying and exclusion.

"This is by far the largest drop we have seen here at Nashwaaksis Memorial in quite some time. We are now well below the Canadian norm for bullying and exclusion," he said.

Horizon's Community Health Recognition Awards make a difference

The CHRA is Horizon's way of celebrating individuals and organizations who are making a difference to improve health and wellness in their community

A total of 15 awards are handed out by Horizon, three each for the Fredericton, Miramichi, Moncton, Saint John and Upper River Valley areas. Winners receive a certificate, a glass award and $500 to support their work to help people be healthy.

Learn more about our previous winners:

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