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National Physicians’ Day: What it means to be a physician in New Brunswick

Dr. Édouard Hendriks, Vice President Medical, Academic and Research Affairs and Dr. John Dornan, Regional Chief of Staff and Endocrinologist, Horizon

Like nurses and other allied health care professionals, doctors are an integral and necessary part of our health care team. They work collaboratively with other team members to provide patient-and family-centred care.

Many doctors work long hours at work and in our community, in addition to balancing home responsibilities. Doctors show leadership in our communities and undertake many responsibilities outside the work environment. It is reassuring to see doctors and colleagues take leadership roles in both local communities and provincial undertakings.

While medicine is a scientific evidence-based practice, much is still an art. Occasionally we have differences in opinion and strive to collaborate in the best interests of our patients, families and health care team.

We work with administrators and both local and governmental managers of corporate resources in an advocacy role. While we don't have a controlling role in many of the resources that are applied to medicine in New Brunswick, we are respected and considered strongly when decisions are made. We strive to be important parts of this decision-making process and as the care and well-being of New Brunswickers improves, we feel very much a part of this success.

On National Physicians' Day, we feel very proud of the responsibilities and respect afforded us as part of the health care team. Long hours of education and work go into this role. Some of our colleagues undertake exceptional stresses and responsibilities, all in an effort to advance the health of our patients. For this, we are immensely thankful.

The health and resources that doctors bring to the health care table is priceless. We strive to further improve physician engagement and look forward to working with new and senior physicians to capitalize on this valuable resource.

To all of the physicians, in practice, starting practice or those that have retired from practice, we would wish you sincere thanks and gratitude. Keep up your great work! 


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