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New Design Unveiled for Oromocto Health Clinic

(OROMOCTO) July 15, 2014 - The public got its first glimpse of the floor plans for the Oromocto Health Clinic today.

Representatives from Horizon Health Network, 5th Canadian Division Support Base Gagetown and Post-Secondary Education Training and Labour Minister Jody Carr were on hand for the unveiling at the Military Family Resource Centre.

"Our government is committed to providing better access to primary health care for all New Brunswickers," said Carr on behalf of Health Minister Hugh Flemming. "A Primary Health Care Framework for New Brunswick charts the course for moving toward collaborative, patient-centred care that improves access, outcomes and prevents chronic disease. As we continue to move ahead with the strategies laid out in the framework, there is no question that health clinics like Oromocto's will play a critical role in providing quality care."

The 5th Canadian Division Support Base Gagetown will renovate an existing space on Iroquois Avenue to house the clinic. The health clinic will be comprised of a physician, two nurse practitioners, nursing staff, a registered dietitian, a registered social worker and administrative staff.  The clinic, which will open its doors in November 2014 and achieve full operating capacity by spring 2015, will partner with other community health professionals and community agencies to provide public health, mental health, addictions and wellness services. 

"The new family health clinic will provide primary health care services to about 3,000 patients," said John McGarry, President and CEO, Horizon Health Network. "It is a direct result of strong partnerships, collaboration and a shared vision to provide our patients with the best possible access to primary health care within their own communities".

In 2009 the Health Care Advisory Committee for Oromocto and Surrounding Area, a stakeholder group funded by the Department of Health, conducted a needs assessment of primary health care in the area.

The assessment found:

●    high rates of obesity (72 per cent reporting overweight or obese);

●    an increased need for access to mental health and addictions services;

●    health professionals cited the need to move towards an interdisciplinary health care team model; and

●    poor access to primary health care, especially for military families due to the nature of the posting rotations which is a problem across Canada.

The Oromocto Health Clinic will address the needs identified by this group and improve access to health care.

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For more information, contact:
Sarah Bustard
Department of Health

Carolyn McCormack, APR
Horizon Health Network

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