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Nursing Care Model Project

(HORIZON) February 13, 2014 - Statement - More than a year ago the Nursing Care Model Project was established to ensure that the staffing for all in-patient nursing units in Horizon Health Network was based on a consistent set of parameters including skill mix, hours of care, occupancy, productivity, relief budgets and staff roles. 

The first phase of the project in 2013 focused on 22 Family Medicine Units in 11 hospitals. There were five people who chose a layoff in phase one. All other staff who went through the workforce adjustment on the Family Medicine unit are currently working within Horizon in other available positions. 

Our current focus in phase two involves eight surgery and orthopedics units in four hospitals. At this time,

  • 28 layoffs are expected

  • another 19 staff will have their work hours adjusted, either increased or decreased

  • 27 vacant positions have been eliminated

  • there will also be 47 new positions created to better serve the needs of patients.

While we understand it can be difficult for those whose work hours are affected, the likelihood of an employee not having work due to workforce adjustments in Horizon is very low.

Our ultimate goal is to provide safe, quality health care while working within our budget. Phase II of this initiative will save between $250,000 and $300,000.

Faced with a $22-million spending reduction in the upcoming fiscal year, Horizon plans to continue the nursing care model project's implementation in the remaining units. Horizon has also undertaken several initiatives in non-clinical areas to find savings. We are reducing sick time, travel, administrative costs and continuing to find the best value for our contracts and supplies in an effort to make our health-care system more efficient and effective while bringing the cost of our system closer to the national average.

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