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The Moncton Hospital to receive specialized equipment

(MONCTON) June 25, 2014 - The Moncton Hospital will receive a new single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) CT machine by the winter of 2015.

"This machine will provide more precise diagnostic information for health problems such as tumours and various diseases," said Health Minister Hugh Flemming. "Upgrading aging technology will ensure that our health care system is sustainable for future generations."

The project represents an investment of $1.2 milion.

The SPECT-CT scans can provide more precise information about how different parts of the body function. Its images are obtained following an injection of a radiopharmaceutical which sticks to specific areas in the body and is detected by a nuclear medicine gamma camera. Rotating in a 360 degree arc around the patient, the camera allows for reconstruction of an image in three dimensions.

"Investing in new technology enables staff to provide top quality service to patients," said Horizon Health Network president and CEO John McGarry. "The new machine will help The Moncton Hospital deliver the most up-to-date health care available."

Media Contact(s)

Sarah Bustard, communications, Department of Health, 506-453-2536.

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