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Welcoming Syrian Refugees to New Brunswick

Horizon Health Network welcomes Syrian refugees to our province. Together with the Government of New Brunswick and other groups, we look forward to helping these refugees safely settle in our communities.

In the coming months, New Brunswick is expected to receive a more than 1500 Syrian refugees, and we are prepared to offer these men, women, and children the health care services they need. 

Horizon has assembled a group of health care professionals across the network to provide services and offer support, to help settle these new New Brunswickers. Physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, as well as mental and public health staff from across Horizon, are already providing care to Syrian refugees, and will continue to do so.

We understand that many of these refugees are entering a society much different than the one they left. That is why we are working closely with multicultural associations in Fredericton, Moncton and Saint John to ensure that they have additional services and support. 

Horizon looks forward to serving these refugees and helping them be healthy.

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