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Who pays for my health care?

Individuals with a valid Canadian Provincial Health Card (example: N.B. Medicare) are covered to receive the standard care it provides. Costs of services not provided by your Canadian Provincial Health Card are the responsibility of the patient and will be billed directly to the patient or to his/her insurance company.

Eligible claims and coverage for accommodations vary and depend on your private, provincial/state or other health insurance plans. Therefore, preferred accommodations requests (private or semi-private rooms) may result in additional charges on your bill. It is the responsibility of the patient to know their individual insurance coverage.

  You will have to pay for all hospital services/products provided if you:

  • do not have a valid N.B. Medicare Card OR it has expired and you have not renewed it
  • do not have a valid Provincial Health Care Card from another province
  • are a Non Resident of Canada

Even with a valid N.B. Medicare card, some charges, in addition to preferred accommodations, apply. (e.g. cosmetic procedures or artificial limbs).

Please note: a doctor's fee may be charged for these and other special services.  These fees are not part of the hospital fees. For more information, speak with the doctor directly.