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COVID-19: Helpful Family Resources for Dealing with Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Things change quickly in the world of COVID-19. Change can be hard to navigate, and it can have a big impact on our mental health.

Heidi FitzGerald is a psychologist who works with Horizon as clinical coordinator for the Child and Youth team in St. Stephen. She shares helpful tips for families to improve their mental well-being during this stressful time. Read her blog HERE.

We understand this is a stressful time for adults, teens and children. You may have unanswered questions and children may be curious about all the Coronavirus talk.

We've developed some helpful tips for talking to kids about COVID-19.

1. Be truthful.

Telling the truth at the child's level of understanding is important. If your children are young, read appropriate news to them, only telling them what they need to know. Thinking adults are hiding things can cause anxiety in children. Answer their questions honestly.

2. Be aware of your anxiety and take care of yourself.

Feeling anxious is completely normal, and it is necessary to take care of yourself. In times of anxiety, leave the room and return when you have a chance to calm your nerves. Yoga, meditating or going for a walk are all wonderful ways to help your mental health.

3. Help eliminate misinformation.

Ensuring children and teens are consuming their information from trusted sources is key. Try to encourage breaks in screen time and provide resources that will eliminate rumors passed through social media.

4. Maintain a routine.

Although it is difficult, try to maintain a routine with your children. Chat with your friends about ideas and activities. Encourage your children to have a say in their routine and hold them responsible for putting it into practice. This can be fun for them and allows familiarity among the uncertainty.

5. Explain Why.

Helping children understand the precautions are in place for their safety and the safety of others is important. Let them know the importance of protecting their communities.

Horizon's Child and Youth and Addictions and Mental Health teams are available if you require support. Find more information by clicking HERE.