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COVID-19: Red Alert Level Information

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Update: February 9, 2022

Horizon hospitals continue to follow Red alert level protocols (implemented Dec. 30, 2021), however, we are now starting to resume non-urgent medical procedures, elective surgeries, outpatient (Ambulatory Care) clinic and professional services appointments.

If you have an appointment or surgery at a Horizon hospital or health care facility, please attend as scheduled.

All patients, clients and support persons will continue to be screened for COVID-19 symptoms.

A screener will greet you and ask you a series of COVID-19 related questions, including a series of questions about COVID-19 symptoms and recent travel. You must pass screening to attend your appointment.

Screeners and the questions are in place to help protect patients, staff and visitors. Do your part to help keep our health care facilities safe by answering questions honestly and respectfully.

If you have questions about your appointment or screening, please call ahead to the corresponding department.

Reminder: There are NO SOCIAL VISITORS ALLOWED in our hospitals. Some exceptions to these visitor restrictions are in place for patients who are eligible for a Designated Support Person. More information on  visitor restrictions is available here.

While visitor restrictions are in place, we can arrange a virtual visit with your loved one. You can arrange a virtual visit by contacting your loved one's health care provider. For more information on staying connected while restrictions are in place, click here

In the Red Alert Level, all other following services will continue:

  • Horizon's health centres and community health centres will continue to provide access to primary care at current levels. For more information on Horizon's health centres and community health centres, click here.
  • Addiction and Mental Health Services for adults, youth and children will continue at current levels. Click here for a complete list of Horizon's Addiction and Mental Health services and programs.
  • Our COVID-19 Assessment Centres continue to operate - by appointment only.
  • Our COVID-19 Vaccination Clinics continue to operate.
  • We continue to urge patients to seek alternate options for non-urgent health care needs, rather than presenting to an Emergency Department/Urgent Care Centre. If you are experiencing non-urgent symptoms, visit to help choose the best option for care. To avoid long wait times, please keep the emergency department for emergencies.

We will continue to keep you informed on any further clinical services changes and visitor restrictions here on our website and social media channels.
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Coping With COVID-19

Fear and anxiety about COVID-19 and what could happen can be overwhelming. It is normal to feel worried and stressed. If you or someone you know is struggling, know help is available. We might be apart, but no one has to go through this alone.
Someone is always there to listen.

Things change quickly in the world of COVID-19. Change can be hard to navigate, and it can have a big impact on our mental health.
For helpful family resources for dealing with COVID-19, click here.