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Delta Oasis

How does the Delta Oasis program impact breast cancer surgery patients' anxiety and quality of rRecovery?

Dr. Sharon Chiu
General Surgeon, Saint John Regional Hospital
Assistant Professor, Dalhousie University

In response to the added burden for rural patients to travel to urban centres for cancer treatment, the Delta Brunswick Hotel in Saint John and the Breast Health Program at Horizon's St. Joseph's Hospital partnered in 2006 to create the Delta Oasis Program. The innovative program provides these patients with one night of free accommodations at the hotel on the day of surgery, as well as a complimentary room service supper and breakfast, valet parking, and extramural care. The program was informally evaluated in a survey in 2011 and there was excellent response from patients in terms of patient control, number of hours of sleep, and level of comfort. Now in its' 15th year, the program is now being evaluated in this study by our MSSU staff.


(Samantha Fowler, Sarah Bridges, Dr. Sharon Chiu)

Study File #: 100884; Comparing the 'Delta Oasis Program' to Discharge Home Among Distant Outpatient Breast Cancer Surgery Patients.          

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