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Support Opportunities and Assistance for Research (SOAR)

The mandate of the SOAR program is to improve patient care through research that will produce the highest level of evidence for:

  • Development and testing of care guidelines
  • Accurate and timely diagnoses
  • Best treatment options and rapid recovery

The SOAR Program teams our highly-skilled research professionals with successful program applicants to ensure dedicated resources are available to answer clinically important questions directly affecting patient care. Through this program, the SOAR team will help you produce generalizable health care solutions, coordinated through Saint John, for healthier patients in Horizon, New Brunswick, and beyond. Please note this program is only open to Horizon Health Network affiliated applicants.

There are two categories of support:

Research Support for Projects (SOAR - Projects)  provides Horizon Health Network clinicians, administrators, and other health care professionals with a dedicated Research Support Team to develop, conduct, and publish original research. All health care workers with or without research experience may submit a research idea for consideration. Applications requesting the assistance of the Research Support Team should be regional in scope (i.e. multiple sites) and address patient-oriented issues that are of significant importance to Horizon Health Network. The application process involves the submission of a short proposal which includes the objectives and potential impact of the research. The SOAR Committee, in reviewing the request, will consider the anticipated benefits to the patient population and the alignment with Horizon's Strategic plan. 

Research Support for Programs (SOAR - Programs)  provides support positions with specific research-related skill sets for existing Horizon Health Network research programs that have a clearly defined need or for newly developed research projects of significant size and potential impact. These positions would be funded for a limited term (maximum $75,000.00/yr for a maximum of 2 years).  Requests for additional, specialized staffing will be considered by the SOAR Committee. All applications should demonstrate how the requested position would contribute to the research team's goals and most importantly, sustainability. Preference will be given to requests that support projects that involve other sites/researchers within Horizon and those that can secure leveraged funds.

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