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Bikes Program Benefits Kids across New Brunswick

Fredericton - The Stan Cassidy Foundation is pleased to announce the successful conclusion to its inaugural year of the Bikes 'n' Trikes for Kids 'n' Tykes  program. The innovative program is a partnership involving the Stan Cassidy Foundation, President's Choice® Children's Charity and the Stan Cassidy Centre for Rehabilitation. New Brunswick based Atlantic Superstore managers were on hand at the Stan Cassidy Centre for Rehabilitation earlier today to award one of the customized bicycles to sevenyear old Olivier Gagnon.

"It's so heart warming to see Olivier on his bike, alongside his parents and all his brothers, and know a whole team contributed to getting him there," said Gordon Robinson, Adaptive Seating Technician, Stan Cassidy Centre, and one of the people responsible for the customization of the bikes. "It's spring. You expect to see boys and girls tearing around on their bikes. No matter his varying abilities, Olivier is still these boys' brother and this is a great scene to see."

Funding for the program was generously provided by President's Choice ® Children's Charity this past fall. Through the winter and spring children were assessed by therapists and Adaptive Seating technicians at the Stan Cassidy Centre. Now that late spring has arrived, the last of the pilot program's bikes and trikes are being built and awarded.


Olivier Gagnon is the fifth of ten Stan Cassidy paediatric patients who have either received or will soon receive their personally-adapted bike or trike. While bikes and trikes line the hallways of the rehab centre and have always been part of paediatric treatment plans at the facility, this new program provides children with their own bikes to use in their home communities. Some, like Olivier, will play in their driveway and go on long bike rides with their families. Another recipient has been using his bike at school this year. Program recipients include boys and girls aged six to 15 from all over the province, including Grand Falls, Sussex, Grand Barachois, Woodstock and Bathurst.


The Stan Cassidy Foundation coordinates the program. The foundation is a registered charity that provides funds and resources to the Stan Cassidy Centre for Rehabilitation. Its focus is on patient care through direct patient support, and by enhancing the facility and rehabilitation services. Since its establishment, originally as the Forest Hill Rehabilitation Centre Inc., over 50 years ago, the foundation has been largely volunteerrun and has raised millions of dollars, funding building and equipment campaigns and directly benefitting the daytoday lives of Stan Cassidy patients. The foundations' success helps people recover from illness, overcome obstacles, and adapt to changed circumstances.





For more information contact:
Alissa Lee, Executive Director

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